500mg Vanilla Flavored CBD Tincture

500mg Vanilla Flavored CBD Tincture


Vanilla Flavored CBD Oil Drop





Yummy! Vanilla CBD oil! It’s made with our CBD isolate mixed right into a coconut MCT oil for absorption and a great taste. Put a 16mg dropper full of vanilla CBD oil into your morning coffee or in your after dinner frozen yogurt.

You can always go with the sublingual method of administration as well. Just fill up a dropper and drip it right under your tongue. Let it sit there anywhere from 10 to 60 seconds before swallowing it. It will taste great and it’s the quickest way for your body to absorb a CBD oil and bypass the digestion process. 

Our CBD products are all lab tested too. The certificate of analysis can be found right under the Add to Cart. It is free of pesticides and non-GMO too. If you want to know how to measure out mgs of CBD, follow this guide. Shake the bottle well too.

  • Vanilla CBD 1000mg bottle
    • Full dropper - 33 mgs of cannabidiol approximately
    • Half dropper - 16.5 mgs of cannabidiol approximately
  • Vanilla Flavored CBD 500mg bottle
    • Full dropper - 16.5 mgs of cannabidiol approximately
    • Half dropper - 8.25 mgs of cannabidiol approximately


  • Fast & Easy to take
  • Taste Great
  • Best Bioavailable Option
  • Highest Quality - Lab Tested
  • Made in USA | Non-GMO | Zero THC


Product Details

500mg Tincture - 1ml (full dropper) contains approximately 16mg - 17mg of CBD

1000mg Tincture - 1ml (full dropper) contains approximately 33mg of CBD

3000mg Tincture - 1ml (full dropper) contains approximately 100mg of CBD


    MCT Oil, Artificial Flavoring, 99%+ Pure CBD Isolate

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    • Recipes

      Try Sugar & Kush Vanilla CBD oil in your mornign coffee, in your favorite smoothie, or add a drpper in your seltzer water for a cool and relaxing soft drink....have a receipe of your own?? Please share, you could be featured!

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