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After your personal consultation with Danielle Keefe,

she is proud to offer you the most experienced and professional artists in the bridal business.  

"Having trained with each and every team member has allowed me to know them on a personal level.  I am confident that you too will find a perfect fit for your special day".

We are proud to offer our team's on site services.  

Each member has been hand selected. I trust each artist with my name and know that they will deliver exceptional work as well as exceptional professionalism on your special day.

No rushing around on your special day, just sit back and enjoy

Bridal Hair

bridal & event

Freckled Skin

lessons  everyday 

Red Lipstick

high glam



makeup & jr. hair stylist

Courtneys fun spirit and attention to detail are only two of her best qualities 



hair styling

master hair stylist

bridal & bridal party updos

Megans kind nature puts every client at ease



master makeup artist

Lisa has been in the "industry" for decades and her talent and professionalism make her a master at her craft 

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