THIS BEAUTY SERVICE CONTRACT is made and entered into as of ________, by and between (“Client”) _____________________ whose address is __________________________ and (“Beauty Contractor”) ________________ , being represented by Danielle Keefe Artistry (sole proprietor). In consideration of the mutual covenants herein contained and, intending to be legally bound hereby, the Client and the Contractor agree as follows:

1) Beauty Contractor's obligation to render services as agreed upon and stated in this document and is hereunder subject to the unavailability of the Artist as a result of sickness, accidents, acts of God and other reasons beyond the Artist’s control. Will provide the following services

A: Description of Services:__________________________________________




B: MINIMUM Number of Services agreed upon {no. of hair & no. of makeup}____________________ int.___ 

*please be advised, minimum number may NOT be lessened once contract is in place.

2) DATE and TIME of Event {please include time services must be completed by}:

On _______________ beginning at  ____________a.m/p.m   to be complete by_______________a.m/p.m

Address where Services are to take place, please include rm#________________________________________

Timeline will be provided by Danielle Keefe at time of contract.  Changes to timeline must be approved and at the discretion of the Artistry team, and will be limited to artists availability.  


In full consideration for all services rendered by the Artist at the location, the Client agrees to make the following payment in U.S. funds to:

Danielle Keefe Artistry

Deposit $________

{nonrefundable} 20% of Agreed upon Services

Travel: $_________

Balace: $_________

Date balance is to be paid: __/__/____

Payment of Balance Shall be made to "Danielle Keefe" No less than 14 days prior to event, (cash, check, credit, money order) for contracted services above listed.  Failure to remit payment at agreed upon time may result in loss of deposit.


Cancellation of services less than 1 month prior to event will be charged in full on date services are to be rendered. Int.____

Travel Rate: 1⁄2 of the hourly rate - $100 per hour of travel from place of hire outside of service area.  This rate will be predetermined and agreed upon prior to entering into agreement.


4) Permission to use Pictures.  I hereby grant to Professional and Danielle Keefe Artistry the full right to take, publish and reproduce photographs of me, my face, and my bridal party both before and after this procedure, for advertising, education, or other purposes whatsoever, including the right to retouch these photographs as deemed necessary by Danielle Keefe or professional hired by Danielle Keefe Artistry.  I further expressly assign any copyright in these photographs to Danielle Keefe Artistry.  I also grant my consent to Danielle Keefe and Danielle Keefe Artistry Professional to use my image and likeness as contained in these photographs for any advertising or other purposes, along with any comments I may provide. Please use these photographs with the following:

_my own name _no name to be used _ Please do not use my photographs


5) MISCELLANEOUS. Payment The Service Agreement and the attached rider(s), if any, set forth the entire agreement between the parties, and may not be amended except in writing signed by both parties. This Project Agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Massachusetts, without regard to the principles of conflicts of law. In any action or proceeding involving a dispute between the Client and the Artist arising out of this Project Agreement, the prevailing party will be entitled to receive from the losing party reasonable attorney’s fees. Beauty Contractor and Bride have each caused this Service Contract to be signed by it duly authorized representative. 


6) Point of Contact______________________

(Client) (Date)

(Danielle Keefe – Proprietor ) (Date)


(Beauty Contractor) (Date)

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